About us

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature."

Gerard de Nerval


Born in the Seychelles, our founder, Ming Veevers Carter, showed an early interest in flower design, collecting blossoms from all over the island to make posies. This interest formed the seed from which our singular approach to floral design has grown.

Our experience shows that flowers are never a finishing touch. In fact, it’s their ephemeral beauty and freshness that bring events to life and invite your guests to savour the moment.

Indeed, the installations we create share more in aesthetics and attitude with sculpture than with traditional floristry. Composed of storytellers, florists and set designers, our team are adept in transforming the highly conceptual into the real. As a result, we operate in the most prestigious event spaces across the UK, creating floral design for the most coveted parties and occasions.

Our client list is composed of cultural institutions such as The V&A, as well as those high-society individuals across the globe who look for sublime experiences. This puts us in the enviable position of working with organisations famed for their design capital. Thus, we take inspiration from the riches we work amongst: archaeological treasures, Turner Prize-winning art and contemporary fashion.